I am excited for you to discover what your life will look and feel like as you step into my coaching space.

It is going to be a roller-coaster, but remember I am with you for the entire trip; this is absolutely life changing work.

One of my clients recently said that “this is the best investment she has ever made”

  1. How to set boundaries even if you worry about upsetting people. Are you ready to feel comfortable saying Yes to things that make you feel happy! And no to everything that makes you feel miserable?
  2. Learn how to stop Overthinking in 10 weeks. Keep reading if you need support designing Positive habits that will improve your sleep, relationships in work, nutrition and energy
  3. What if you could make decisions and feel great about it. Are you standing in your way? Could you think of a time where you either did something new or created a new habit?  Imagine if you took the skills, you normally use for making excuses and instead actually do ‘that thing’ you’ve been talking about. Is it time to get really clear what positive habits you want?

What you can look forward to if you sign up for my 1:1 program

Feel confident about the choices you make in life

Learn to identify behaviours that trigger a negative thought pattern and feelings of anxiety

Gain tools to stop an unhealthy mindset that can stand in your way

Feel ‘lit up’ about what is ahead of you

Experience clarity regarding how you want your new actions to look and how to achieve that

Expand on all the wonderful qualities you have within you to ensure you are taking full advantage of them

Be self-confident when it comes to your pace in life, your actions and your confidence making decisions

Be self-assured that this work aligns with your goals for clearer boundaries in a professional and personal capacity; whilst knowing what this work will bring to your life and your relationships

How does it feel as you read that? I hope it excites you because girl you are in for so much mindset shifting and I promise you, you will feel so happy you’ve decided to invest in yourself.

I was drawn into the world of mental health advocacy when I started sharing my own struggles with PND in 2018. If you would like to know more about my story, My story so far…

What is involved in my program?

You, and I may touch on a number of different areas such as….

  1. Core values
  2. Beliefs – self-limiting beliefs Vs empowering beliefs
  3. Mindset – fixed Vs growth
  4. Self-talk i.e., thoughts patterns (perhaps this too.. what do you think?)

I want you to feel comfortable with your investment and excited about our work together. Get in touch right now if you have any questions.

I was once a secondary school teacher, so I love to see people asking questions because it shows a desire to learn and grow; which is fabulous!

Payment Information:

The total cost of my 10-week 1:1 coaching program is €2,000. There are a number of payment plans available which we can discuss on our call.

How it Works

I am a big believer in giving ourselves time and space to learn, grow and implement. What do I mean by this?

What you are about to embark on is life-changing and the best thing you will EVER do for you, so we can’t stick a plaster on it. We must respect ourselves enough to allow it to happen at the pace it needs to happen.

This means there’s often a short wait to start sessions with me, as spaces don’t come up so frequently. If you’d like to explore working together, the first step is to complete my waitlist form. I will respond to you within the week about my current availability and if suitable, to organise an introductory 20min phone call (free of charge)

The call is a chance for you to elaborate on what you share in your waitlist form, ask me questions and for us both to explore whether we feel like a good fit to work together. There’s no obligation to enter into therapy with me; you are welcome to use this as an opportunity to work out what you want and need.

If at the end of our chat we conclude that I’m not the right Life coach for you, I’m very happy to make recommendations to support you in finding someone else.

During our work together you will:

Learn to identify what triggers your Overthinking

Gain life tools to increase your productivity

Understand why you are being so hard on yourself and gain tools to stop that in its tracks

Feel ‘lit up’ about what is ahead of you

Be fully present in your life and enjoy all the little moments with those you hold dear

Expand on all the wonderful areas in your life and ensure you are taking full advantage of them

Gain tools to stop the thought patterns that can stand in your way.