What Life Coaching is Not

Life coaching with me is a collaboration between coach and coachee (you the client). It is a relationship built on trust, an alliance centred around accountability and a service with a purpose of seeing and fulfilling your potential.

As your coach I will always operate from the belief that you are naturally creative, so you can and will find the answers.

How do you describe Life coaching:

I know you are resourceful in your actions; so, you absolutely can choose what is the right next step.

I see your resilience to act and the bravery to make mistakes and learn from them.

As a Life coach with neuroscience, it is a non-negotiable- not a belief- that you have the capacity to do this regardless of your circumstances.

How does that work?

Well, it means that I will never tell you what to do. I cannot do it for you. However, I can and will wholeheartedly stand up for your creativity and resourcefulness. I will stand firm on the benefits of coaching and how it will enable you

  • to feel less stress in your day
  • better workplace relationships
  • clearer communication with those you love and care about

What Life coaching is not:

The key here is organic and sustainable. So what do I mean by that?

  • I know that there are times in life when circumstances seem insurmountable and so overwhelming
  • I know that you can feel stuck by all the responsibilities you are juggling
  • I know that you feel invisible to those around you who need you, but perhaps don’t show their appreciation for all that you do
  • I know this because I was once you
  • I know the stories you are telling yourself and I hear the things you are saying to yourself

As a Life coach I hold a safe space for you to think out loud without any fear of judgement. I guide you with questions based on what I am hearing and seeing during our session, that will change your perspective of certain situation.

What can I expect:

Through this, you will see things from a new lens and with fresher insight. You will learn how to allow logic step in the way of emotion when a person is triggering your stress and/or anxiety. Suddenly you will start to find solutions to the problems that

  1. may have been keeping you awake at night
  2. losing your appetit
  3. comfort eating
  4. fighting with those you love

That is what Life coaching is.

What is the point of working with a Life coach

  1. Support and encouragement
  2. Accountability and focus
  3. Personal and purposeful
  4. Exciting and powerful
  5. Profound and life-changing

Why Life coaching works?

A life coach will not tell you what you want to hear because they are not eager to ‘solve your problem’. A life coach sees not a problem, but a person that faces challenging situations. So a life coaching will help their client to see their talents and abilities. A life coach will help their client realise these and believe them without a doubt.

During our sessions, the process focuses on mindsets, self-limiting beliefs and core values to get to the heart of who you really are and want you can be. Once that powerful transformation is realised and felt that you begin to see all situations are fixable, so instead of ‘fixing a problem’ a life coach helps you to fulfil become you and the fixing of problems becomes a by-product or a happy consequence of the experience and the service provided by a Life coach.

What you can expect during a Life coaching session:

A conversation is a powerful and dynamic experience between people. My approach is very person-centred and with my experience as a secondary school teacher, I am very attuned to how my clients use words, how they correct themselves at times, how they react to a particular question, if they avoid answering the question. How emotional they feel when answering questions. All the elements of human nature are very very powerful as a Life coach because they tell me so much about my client.

Why Life coaching works:

Through observation and listening, I can see what areas my client is comfortable discussing and what they are not ready to talk about. This is very important because a Life coach needs to meet their client where they are at. A Life coaching needs to allow their client to lead the ‘dance’ because the clients have the answer within them and my role as their Life coach is to allow them the space to hear those answers. At times, a Life coach will lead with powerful questions based on neuroscience study and research, which bring accountability, support and focus to the sessions to allow for breakthrough moments.

How Life coaching improves your life?

A Life coach works with their client for one common purpose: the clients full life. Your agenda may be to have

  • Better relationships in the workplace
  • Healthy habits to support wellbeing
  • Tools of self-improvement
  • Tips to reduce anxiety
  • Ways to sleep better

But that is just the beginning. I call that our broad agenda, but that is only the tip of the Iceberg. If we only focus on that one small thing, then we are only sticking a plaster on it, we are not getting to the root of the why.. so instead let’s do this properly and together.

So in a Life coaching session we will commit to a goal, and the motivation may be how once we have achieved that goal we have more ease in our day for example However, as your Life coach I am focusing, also, on the whole tree and not just a branch of that tree. I can see all that you can bring to this work.

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