Girls if doing in person events have taught me anything it’s that so many women struggle with:

  • A lack of confidence about who they are now, especially if your kids are getting older and need them less? 
  • Time management who end up staying up later rather than going to bed because they want to relax, even though they’re actually tired
  • A lack of self belief to trust yourself to build a better life for your kids in the way you want to live your life 
  • A fear around decision making and losing sleep trying to take the plunge to leave work and retire early?
  • Are you overwhelmed by second guessing whether it’s a small or momentous decision that will change your lives?
  • Moving on from a relationship- breakup and letting the hurt go so they can heal on the inside and meet new healthy relationships
  • Are you burning out from ‘Spinning a few too many plates’ and losing sleep trying to decide which ones to remove?


To say I totally understand where you’re coming from is an understatement. I was once exactly where you are now and honestly I’ve learned so much in the past six years since my diagnosis of Postnatal depression after my first son, Oliver, was born.

  • I needed to grow in self confidence, so I could care for myself without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. 
  • To be assertive enough so I could set healthy boundaries to protect myself. 
  • I really want to teach these skills to you girls, so you can feel confident and unshakable in your belief that you can do anything!

What can I expect from the program?

Working with me will not only help you come out of your shell more and find yourself again, it will also give you tools based on neuroscience so you can finally say goodbye to worry about the people you once had relationships with.

  • Discover new space in your life to concentrate on more positive things
  • Learn neuroscience techniques to help you step into conversations you once found difficult
  • Discover a deep reservoir of belief in yourself and a newfound confidence in your abilities

Together we will embark on a transformative journey toward managing unhealthy and self sabotaging behaviours that pull you down when you’re striving. Girl, this will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Is it time to harness the magic within you?

If you do the work and follow the program you will see things from a different perspective. The fog will lift and you will understand who you really are…

  • Imprint a resilient mindset and empower you to overcome challenges armed with an unshakable belief in your own strength and values
  • Immerse yourself in a transformative coaching experience and walk away with invaluable tools for self-discovery, growth, and overall well-being that last a lifetime
  • Discover a heightened sense of patience in navigating interactions with others, developing more meaningful connections
  • Truly embrace the belief that  “NO” is a complete sentence
  • Through my advice you will learn how to ask “what am I giving up if I say yes to someone, who am I pleasing and at what cost?”

Introducing my brand new program

“The Magic Within You”

Join this immersive in-person coaching program in the beautiful surroundings of mount  congreve house in Waterford.

Each Monday at 11pm for four weeks 

Starting June 10 to July 1st

60 minute session in-person

Homework sent each Tuesday morning

Program framework:

4 homework pieces with journal prompts related to the latest session for deeper learning. This helps you to build on what we discussed in our sessions and continue learning in a thought provoking way.This work is a journey, so let’s make the most of it because you are absolutely worth it girlie. Each client will get this homework via google doc each Tuesday morning following the session.

Daily Whatsapp support Monday – Thursday. Whatsapp support from monday 10am-3pm (messages sent after 3pm will be answered the following day to Thursday for every and all questions, encouragement as you step into change, support if big emotions come up during the session.

Week one – Discovery, design and create

i.e. Core values  meaning we will spend time delving into what is most important to you at this point in your life. We will overcome old thought patterns that are causing uncertainty and a lack of clarity about the next steps to take.

👉🏻 Learn how To FEEL more confident in who you are now! 💖

👉🏻 How to navigate new life paths as a widow and be self-compassionate when you’re triggered by comments from other people 

👉🏻 Instead experience a renewed self assurance

Week 2-3: Bin the Self-limiting beliefs and rewrite the empowering beliefs 

Here we will identify how you can change your thought patterns and instead rewrite the internal narrative where your beliefs are empowering, true, realistic, and positive. 

👉🏻 No longer find yourself in situations where you feel over-looked and invisible and instead say things like ‘what are they saying about me while I’m out’

👉🏻 Be comfortable and confident enough to ask for what you need without feeling guilty or uncomfortable

👉🏻 To feel fully present, relaxed and content when exciting opportunities come up for you and feel excited when you step out of your comfort zone. 

And finally stop thinking about a negative comment someone said to you.

Week 4: Self talk tracking

You will learn to see your negative self-talk and understand its root! 

👉🏻 Gain tools to feel strong in your relationships, so you can communicate your thoughts and needs more

👉🏻 Have person-centred strategies (rooted in neuroscience research) to stop unhealthy mindset that blocks you as you make these changes

Why did I call this the ‘Magic Within You’?

Each session is tailored to help you uncover and harness the magic within you. To tap into a reservoir of empowerment, ensuring you emerge more aware and aligned with your true potential.

Community Support:

Join a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey of discovery and growth. The power of community brings shared experiences, mutual support, and collective wisdom, enhancing your personal transformation.

A Unique Experience: 

Set in the environment of Mount Congreve, each session is designed not only to educate but to inspire and rejuvenate your spirit. The peaceful setting enhances the experience, allowing you to connect with your inner self in a deeper, more meaningful way.

“The Magic Within You” is more than just a program—Whether you’re looking to reignite your passion, enhance your career, build confidence and shed overwhelm or simply find balance in your daily life, this program offers the tools, community, and environment to achieve it.

Spaces are limited, as I aim to keep the experience intimate and impactful.

Secure your spot and begin the journey to unlocking your fullest potential and discover the magic within yourself.