7 reasons to work with a Life Coach

1. Do you need to Get out of your own head?

SO many of my clients come to me because they are having the same conversation over and over in their head. Sound familiar? I tell them all the same thing ‘this is completely pointless and is destined to end in heartbreak’.

  • Your thoughts are shaped by your childhood, the environment you live in, the friends you spend time with; so the expectations you have for yourself are already limited by these things.
  • Do you need to break free from these barriers and think bigger?
  • One of the benefits of working with a Life coach is the objectivity. They do not know you like your family, your friends, or your world. Therefore, they are not influenced by the stories you tell yourself… like ‘I couldn’t do that because…. instead a Life coach will look at their client and see all that they are capable of doing.
  • I know that you are resourceful in your actions; so, you absolutely can choose what is the right next step.
  • I see your resilience to act and the bravery to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • As a Life coach with neuroscience, it is a non-negotiable- not a belief- that you have the capacity to do this regardless of your circumstances, but we must look at what you believe about yourself. That’s where it is at!! Once we can switch any limiting beliefs to empowering ones that are helpful and positive, then the actions will follow. Then the result will be seen and the benefits will be felt.
  • You will step out of your comfy place and try something new.

2. A life coach can change how you live in the world.

  • How you operate in work
  • How you make decisions
  • How you can listen to your gut
  • How you parent your children
  • How you care for your elderly parents
  • How to stop procrastinating your needs
  • How to say No! and feel confident

When we work together, we will look at…

  • your current actions when faced with a difficult person
  • your daily habits that are not as helpful as you may have thought.
  • We get really clear on what needs to stay by working through your absolute core values. Aka your non-negotiables the things you will not be without.

An example of this may be that you won’t tolerate someone who is mean. Perhaps you were bullied as a child and that ‘mean’ behaviour is a trigger for you. As a result, you know that whenever you are around that type of behaviour you are not your best self, you want to be able to respond to them rather than react. You know you bring ‘too much’ emotion into things; which leaves you feeling like you’ve overshared or you’ve been too emotional and are drained as a result.

It is important to recognise that these habits have served us to this point, but if you want to change how you live your life then it is impossible to do that if you continue with the same habits. To really break a pattern of thought or action, you must change how you work towards your new goal.

So, if you have always thought you weren’t a sporty person because your mam told you as a child. But now as an adult you would really like to try the couch to 5k challenge running in your local town… how do you break through that belief that you aren’t sporty? This is what I called a reality check. And that is something I help my clients through. It is 1000% possible to rewire our brain and change the stories we are telling ourselves. However, in order to do so we must first recognise what we are saying and who is saying it… like is it actually you or is it your 4th standard teacher from primary school telling you this thing you believe about yourself?

Once we can separate the self-limiting beliefs from the empowering beliefs then we can smash through those old tales and run that 5k and have a blast doing it!!

3. A life coach can help you get over it.

Through support and guidance

  • A life coach will hold you accountable. I am not there to tell you are great and wonderful! I am with you to support you in turning your goals into commitments which lead to realities. How do I do this? I pay attention to everything you are not saying, how your tone and body language might change when we discuss your new goals
  • I ask the right questions that will guide you back on track
  • I give you tools to help you to continue that action towards your greatness
  • I am there to remind you of your commitment, to whisper in your ear why you are doing this work with me and to help you to see that it is so human to want to make a change, but to lose motivation and stop acting.

4. I help you to get clarity and focus in your life.

If you feel you never have time to just think it through, then see our sessions as your scheduled time to do just that. When you sign up to my 1:1 program you are saying to the universe I am going to give myself 1 hour every week to meet with Jennifer and work

  • through old habits
  • get rid of stale ways of thinking
  • switch my perspective to one that is more truthful, real, positive and helpful
  • Why do this? when we know what we really want then it so much easier to say No! to the things that make us unhappy and yes to the things that excite us.
  • It makes good sense to remove the stuff from your day that you don’t want to do, so you free up space for the things you have wanted to do for a very long time!

5. A life coach can help you redefine who you really are.

If you have experienced a toxic relationship, then you are possibly thinking that whatever that person has called you is exactly who you are.

  • What if they were wrong?
  • What if you are a good enough person who is trying every day to be her best?
  • What if you could finally see those negative words that were spoken to you as hurtful, untrue, and unkind words?
  • What if you could learn to throw them away for good and instead write your own words.? How would that feel

6. A Life coach can be by your side, helping you to take action.

Stopping you from procrastinating and moving you towards results, which create greater self-confidence. A new version of you will emerge and this will fuel the fire in your belly to take more action and enjoy more results.

7. Challenges in life can often lead to unhelpful self-talk. As a coach my contract to you is

  • To help you see the true brilliance of who you really are and what you could be
  • I help you to see experiences through a new lens and to celebrate all that you have already accomplished
  • I am really brilliant at maximising the power of each of our conversations. So what does that mean?
  • I am a massive word nerd- I did teacher secondary school English for 13 years- words are of course important when we work together, but where I develop an acute vision of my client is when I pay attention to your tone of voice, your mood and energy. I am a big believer is energy and intention, so you can definitely expect some woo-woo from me

What can you expect from me?

My style is very person-centred, and I work intuitively. I will sometimes move the conversation forward with questions and other times I will hold a silent moment for you to think out loud and allow the answers bubble to the surface.

I will help you to think bigger and more expansively as you curate your next chapter in life. I encourage you to see the connection between today and your whole life’s potential.

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