Catherine T.

Jennifer is so wonderful at what she does. It's not a one size fits all package. She understands that everyone is unique and so she listens and observes, and tailors her coaching to exactly what YOU need.
I would highly recommend Jennifer to you if you are looking to further explore your own thought processes and get clarity on what is important so that you are better equipped when making the decisions that impact your life.

Anne Marie P.

Jennifer is a breath of fresh air. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring and truly listens! Once we worked through what was holding me back I “hit the ground running”. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a life coach.

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What do we mean when we say Boundaries?

Let’s talk about what a boundary is and how to implement one, how to manage toxic relationships and how to spot gas lighting. First I will break it down and simplify it for all of us. Like, what is a boundary? So what I always say to people is when I ask that question, like …

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What is emotional overwhelm ?

I know how it feels to be Overwhelmed by all that we ‘need’ to do. My fight with depression started in 2014 just before Christmas and I’ve started to feel that familiar ‘cloud’ as I call it at moments these past few weeks as my grief surfaces again. I was talking about it in a …

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What Life Coaching is Not

Life coaching with me is a collaboration between coach and coachee (you the client). It is a relationship built on trust, an alliance centred around accountability and a service with a purpose of seeing and fulfilling your potential. As your coach I will always operate from the belief that you are naturally creative, so you …

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