Stop Self-Sabotage & Start Trusting Your Intuition

Sign up for this 3-part Boundaries Without Drama series if you’re someone who

  • Always ends up feeling they’re being used because they’re an emotionally sensitive person
  • Always tries to ‘SAVE’ the people they love and fixing situations for others
  • Always finds themselves stuck in pointless debates just because they were afraid to say NO

Here's a little about what I do

Hi I’m Jennifer Davy life coach for women based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a mental health advocate and I help women set boundaries in their relationships and at work, build resilience and overcome negative self-talk.

Here are some of the ways I can help you:

  1. To feel content
  2. For life to feel easier
  3. To have clarity
  4. To be able to make decisions that feel good and move on from them
  5. To be able to speak their truth and not dwell on it
  6. To feel their inner voice is working for them and no longer holds them back
  7. To be able to stomp down negative self-talk when it pops up

What My Clients Are Saying: